Planning a holiday?


“I have had a holiday, and I’d like to take it up professionally” – Kylie Minogue

It is very important to have a good work life balance and taking a holiday can be very beneficial. Working long hours week in week out without a break can leave you feeling negative and removing your passion and drive to get things done at work. So if you feel like work is taking a toll on your life it’s time for a holiday.

There is so much to do, see and learn in the world and millions of experiences to be had. Are there any places you would like to see? Things you would like to do? Make a plan and go out and do them. Take the time to relax, unwind and spend time with loved ones or maybe even find a new hobby.

Even just knowing you have booked a holiday gives you something to look forward to and a boost of optimism knowing you have a break coming up. Some free time to catch up on some sleep, explore or even read by the pool or on a deserted beach somewhere.

You don’t need to take one long holiday a year to feel relaxed how about plan a few short ones. Maybe a week off every 4 months? Ever been on a cruise? Why not see what is available:

Remember that if you choose to holiday outside of the holiday season you can save money or maybe get an upgraded room for the same cost.

Tips for your holidays:

No.1 – Avoid peak travel dates. Travelling on Christmas day or even Easter can add a hefty cost to your holiday. If you plan on visiting friends or family around these dates maybe travel down a few days before or after.

No.2 – Look for the best deals. Using websites that compare different costs and options can help save you money. I will leave you some links below so you can find the best deals. But also keep in mind that price isn’t everything. Make sure it has everything you want, It is easy to get to and look at the reviews.

No.3 –  Know your location. Make sure you know what airport you are flying into, where your hotel is located and how you are getting there. Can you pre book a bus or taxi? Or are you going to hire a car? Do you need a international license? Does your travel insurance cover this?

No.4 – Always leave early. You never know if there is going to be traffic jams or any unforeseen events. The last thing you want is your holiday ruined by missing your flights.

No.5 – Only take what you need. Don’t over pack your bags the last thing you want is some extra charges for that spare pair of shoes you will never wear. Also check what you can and cannot bring on the plane. Organise your carry on so you can find everything with ease. Do you need a jumper on board for where you are going?

No.6 – Be organised. Print out all your travel info, flight times, boarding passes, hotel numbers bus charters all the info you need beforehand.  Maybe even save it to your phone for backup. Have you organised travel insurance yet?

No.7 – Do you mind travelling early in the morning or late at night? These times the flights are a lot less congested. You may even score some extra leg room.

No.8 – Consider package deals. Sometimes it works out better to get flights accommodation and car all in one package. Usually they are pretty competitive on price and you could score yourself a bargain.

No.9 – Be prepared for delays. Always be prepared in case of delayed flights. Will you miss a connecting flight? Or do you need to contact your airport pickup?

No.10 – Try to choose nonstop flights. There is nothing worse than a stopover in the middle of the night. If you don’t have a choice have you packed a blanket or some entertainment?